WATCH "Edge of America" with Geoff Edgers Travel Channel, check listings What happens when you let a longtime print journalist out of the newsroom and into reality TV? You get a wacky travel show in which the cutting-edge host will participate in anything weird and wild. For instance, he participates in a "Pig-n-Ford" competition in Oregon. Men race Model T's around gucci outlet store a track while holding live pigs. It's a Portland tradition, apparently. BUY #x95; Airport-ready belts $80-90 (men's and women's); We all have done that awkward, annoying airport-screener strip tease, the one in which we're hopping gucci outlet online on one foot to get our shoes off, then whipping off our belts like a Chippendale's dancer. Badichi, an apparel company, is selling "snap-on, snap-off" belt buckles. You can leave the belt strap on. Isn't this the greatest thing since The Clapper? THE LIST #x95; 5 unlikely tips for winter running The blogging ultrarunners on this site are mostly gearing toward runners in the frigid East but, heck, it gets pretty cold these days for trail runners in Auburn and Tahoe, too. Craig Lloyd offers these tips: 1. Layering: "Instead of putting on a core short sleeve shirt as your first layer, put it on as your last one before your jacket. That way if you need to shed a layer you aren't losing a layer gucci outlet off of your arms." 2. Fuel: "Keep your gels in your pants pockets where they stay warmer." 3. Hydration hose freeze: "Wear your hydration vest under your jacket. It keeps the water and hose closer to your body-produced heat and protected from the biting wind and outer temperature." 4. Socks and shoes: "Wear tall socks and shoes that allow your toes to move freely." 5. Neck gaiter: A "significant location for heat loss is the neck. Wearing a simple neck gaiter is extremely helpful because not only can it keep your neck warm, but it can be pulled up over your chin and mouth if it's brutally cold." THE TWEET Kaitlin Gregg @runnerKG: "You know you're a runner when you're packing and your bag is too full so you take out the high heels instead of the racing flats." #x96; Compiled by Sam McManis copy; Copyright The Sacramento Bee. All rights reserved.